Position Detection Sensor
Position Sensitive Detector (PSD)


  • Power supply input allows for 12.0V to 28.0V range - simplifies User system power supplies
  • Easy to use RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface
  • Software is provided with each version that allows quick "up and running" position sense and recording.
    • Provides simple dialog box with visual indication of spot position
    • Provides ability to record spot position changes into Excel® compatible files
    • Check box options for data filtering options
    • No special drivers required
  • See below for more options!

The Position Sensing Detector sensing module for one and two dimensional spot position detector. Everything you need in a small package for beam alignment. All the linearization, position computations and normalization are internal to the module. The output is direct spot position in analog or digital format. No need for external analog to digital add on boards, or additional software to perform normalization calculations. The digital interface allows you more flexibility to select different update rates with various smoothing filters. Perfect for direct integration into OEM instruments.

Avaliable options:

ModelDetector SizeWorking Power RangePosition ResolutionPosition AccuracyInternal Update RateMountingOpto-Mechanical InterfaceSpecifcation SheetPrice
1D12A 1 x 12mm 10-200uW 3um 250um 100 Hz ¼-20 post   PDFPSD-1D12A PDF $899
1D12B 1 x 12mm 10-200uW 0.2um 240um 100Hz - 2KHz ¼-20 post and OEM #4 (M3) "ear" mounts SM1 thread PSD-1D12B PDFPDF $950
1D12C 1 x 12mm   0.2um 60um 100Hz - 2KHz ¼-20 post and OEM #4 (M3) "ear" mounts SM1 thread PDFPSD-1D12C PDF $1,119
2D9A 9 x 9mm 10-200uW 4um 260um 100 Hz ¼-20 post SM1 thread PDFPSD-2D9A PDF $1,099
2D9B 9 x 9mm 10-1000uW 1.5um 250um 100Hz - 2KHz ¼-20 post and OEM #4 (M3) "ear" mounts SM1 thread PDFPSD-2D9B PDF $1,150
2D9C 9 x 9mm 10-1000uW 1.5um 62um 100Hz - 2KHz ¼-20 post and OEM #4 (M3) "ear" mounts SM1 thread PDFPSD-2D9C PDF $1,599